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Dear Stability Operations Professional:

Please read the excellent 2019 recap below from ISOA member company, Precision Talent Solutions (PTS):

On behalf of the entire team at Precision Talent Solutions, I wanted to wish you all a heartfelt Season’s Greeting. We have been honored to support world-class companies & candidates in 2019 while keeping everyone informed of the latest events in the industry. We hope everyone is getting ready for a great holiday season and a chance to catch your breaths as we prepare for what is anticipated to be an eventful 2020. Stay informed on the latest news by following us on LinkedIn and learn more about our Services.

As we look back on 2019, we have helped change the lives of over 110 professionals in our industry by aligning their skills and experience to the needs of the companies we support around the globe. Our successes this year has included US based senior BD talent, project controls talent for LOGCAP, Bid & Proposal support for South Sudan/Iraq/Egypt, medical facilities & O&M in Cuba, senior advisor for Lebanon, O&M trades & IT technicians for projects in Germany, vehicle maintenance personnel for Afghanistan and Kuwait, O&M staff for Iraq from India/Kenya/Uganda, senior Trainers/Mentors for DoS programs across Africa (Uganda, Ghana, Cameroon), food logistics in Libya, engineers for AFCAP, and many other programs. One of the great joys in our business is being able to help people find meaningful work while helping our customers with one of the great challenges in our industry….finding great people!

Here is a quick program summary to round out the year along with positions that PTS is currently sourcing for our customers:


The US Court of Federal Claims made its ruling on 3 December regarding next steps towards making an award. The court has ordered that the Army take 45 days to review pricing for the 6 COCOM’s to ensure price reasonableness. The results of this review are expected by 31 January 2020 with the potential for the stay to be lifted so transition can begin. PTS is actively building talent pipelines for the full range of trades in both US National and international talent (logistics, construction, power, food service, airfield. security, firefighting, construction, and PMO staff). We work with most of the primes involved in LOGCAP V.


The 11 Primes on this Department of State program are preparing to bid on the work on this contract with a draft Task Order for Iraq O&M currently out that includes 16 Key Personnel (PM, Site Supervisors, Power Plant, Utilities, Logistics, Operations, Chief Engineers, Renovations, and Grounds Maintenance…almost all with at least Secret Clearances). There will be a Site Survey for all the bidders in Baghdad the week of 20 January, so we can expect the RFP soon. Then we expect Kabul and other Task Orders to follow later in the year.

Africa Programs

The DoS continues to develop requirements for both AFRICAP and ACOTA for projects across Africa. Recent Task Orders have included SME/Trainers for Engineers, Medical, Female Engagement, Logistics, and Soldier Skills to support UN pre-deployment training. Other work includes ISR, Construction, Curriculum Development, and Vehicle Maintenance. Most of these do not require clearances but there is a strong preference for French speaking and professionals with experience on the ground in Africa.


The next generation of AFCAP is still under review with award expected in early 2020. Currently requirements on AFCAP IV include Engineers (Mechanical, Civil, Electrical), Community Planners, CAD, Fire Alarm Techs, and Architects. All require US Secret clearances and include locations such as Jordan, Qatar, and the UAE.

PTS continues to focus on thought leadership in our industry with active participation in THE industry network with the International Stability Operations Association (ISOA) https://www.linkedin.com/company/stabilityops. We have also recently started to donate our expertise to veterans by sponsoring proteges in working with American Corporate Partnership (ACP) https://www.acp-usa.org

We have also grown the PTS family now having team members in Texas, DC, Brussels, Sweden, Germany, Dubai, Switzerland, and New York. We have also continued to expand our Operations Center in Kosovo by adding more great talent and capacity to PTS. If you have strong industry experience, a great network, and want to join our growing team, please build your profile by going to this link:


PTS continues to engage the prime contractors on all of these programs providing customized talent solutions to include Field Executive Search, Technical Recruitment, Turnkey Foreign National Recruitment, and Bid & Proposal support. Please reach out to us if you have any of these requirements on your Christmas list this year.

We will send out another update once things start moving in Q1 2020. We hope you had a successful 2019 and look forward to working with you in 2020!

To learn more about PTS, please visit:


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