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Meet ISOA’s Newest Member: TBW Global

Meet ISOA’s Newest Member: TBW Global

Why did you join ISOA?

As we grow, we wanted to be part of an organization that recognizes companies who are ethical, principled and committed to excellence in our industry. We view the acceptance of our membership into ISOA as a badge of approval – especially as we continue our expansion into base operations support and other manpower and training services.

Tell us about your company and your work in the field:

TBW Global provides defense and security services to the US Government and Allied countries and customers including the US Department of Defense, UK Ministry of Defence, and NATO, as well as defense and aerospace companies located around the world. Our core competencies include human and technology enabled language services, training solutions, and manpower support for base operations and other mission critical requirements. We have offices around the world including the US, United Kingdom, Germany, Ukraine, Afghanistan, Iraq, Saudi Arabia, and Japan – with operations in dozens of other locations.

TBW Global have ambitious plans for 2020 following 4 years of consecutive growth. With a focus on technological innovation, we have developed tools to help empower those operating in the world’s most challenging sectors and locations. This has included the creation of the world’s first full-service translation app designed specifically for the military and defense sector. The app, called Voyager Translates, focuses on using neurolingual processing and nuanced vocabulary and is set to be fully launched in the coming month. We are currently offering free trials of the beta version in order to gather feedback.

TBW Global Services:

Base Operations Support Services

  • Labor Provision (Local, TCN, Cleared)
  • Field Support (Technical, Security, Life)
  • Program Management
  • Staff Augmentation

Language Services

  • Deployed Linguist Support
  • Interpretation Services (On-Site, Over-the-Phone, Video-Remote)
  • Translation Services (Human, Crowd-Sourced, Machine)
  • Localization (document, digital, multi-media, software)
  • Language Instruction and Curriculum Development (remote and live)

Training Services

  • Combat Training Center Rotation Support
  • Pre-Deployment Mission Rehearsals
  • Role-Playing (COB, OPFOR, White/Gray Cell)
  • Video-Remote Training Solutions
  • Medical

Connect with TBW Global:
Website: www.tbwglobal.com
LinkedIn: TBW Global
Twitter: @tbwglobal
Contact TBW Global: Matt Woody
Vice President, Business Development
Email: matthew.woody@tbwglobal.com
Phone: +1 (202) 507-5674
Mobile: +1 (917) 435-4880


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