Going Viral: ISOA Webinars


Pandemic Lockdown Uplift: Innovative ISOA Webinars Prove to be Convenient, Popular and Beneficial for Members

Beyond the horrifying mortality rates, the COVID-19 virus has had a devastating impact on global economies. For the Stability Operations Industry whose core operations are in conflict and post-conflict environments, the unprecedented travel restrictions are even more disruptive. At the international level virus-related constraints have made the industry’s vital role in supporting international missions infinitely more difficult. But even local and regional restrictions hamper the ability to just go in to the office to do normal work.

ISOA activities have also been severely disrupted by the global virus, and the association has been forced to cancel and postpone most of their planned conferences, networking events and round tables already this year. But while the face-to-face meetings are out of the question for the time being, ISOA has embraced technology and commenced a series of informative, well received and attended Webinars.

The very first Webinar dealt with COVID-19 itself, and the impact on companies in the Stability Operations Industry. That kicked of the twice-weekly series of Webinars has already brought insider expertise on the future of the Afghan Peace Deal, a detailed analysis of the U.S. Department of State’s Foreign Operations Budget, and provided high-level diplomatic and commercial insights on Iraq’s political, security and health crisis.

ISOA Webinars are scheduled for every Monday at 1:30pm U.S. Eastern time, and every Thursday at 10:00am U.S. Eastern time, and users can register for them on the ISOA web site: https://stability-operations.org/page/Webinars. ISOA Webinars are free to ISOA Members, and companies who are not yet Members can join in for $100.

ISOA President Howie Lind says “With so many of our events being cancelled, or rescheduled for much later in the year, we had to figure out a way to bring value to our Members notwithstanding this pandemic global health crisis and lockdown. We tried our first Webinar in early March and it was very successful. Since then we’ve been able to put on one great Webinar after another, twice each week, and the Member response has been terrific. Without a baseball season or March Madness, this has been a big hit!”

ISOA member companies who missed previous Webinars are still able to view the recorded event and obtain any PowerPoint presentations that were used after they log in on the ISOA Members’ web pages.

What does Howie have planned for upcoming Webinars? “Our last Webinar was this past Monday March 30th that covered the lessons learned from the Ebola crisis and how they can be applied to COVID-19. What was especially valuable was that it will be presented by contractors who were directly involved in the response at the time. On Thursday April 2nd, we’ll have a Webinar on large scale services programs with the U.S. Air Combat Command’s – Acquisition Management and Integration Center (AMIC).”

ISOA is keeping an eye out for future topics and would welcome suggestions from Members and others who can bring some vital, current information of use to the Stability Operations Industry.

For business executives stuck at home, the twice-per-week schedule for these events may be the perfect break from reading more depressing pandemic news or binge-watching on Netflix. ISOA is proving that international businesses can still be productive in the face of the truly global disruptions we face today.