Showtime Documentary Includes Interviews with Students Injured in 2016 AUAF Attack


ISOA and many of our Member companies have long been a supporters of the American University of Afghanistan (AUAF), an extraordinary institution founded in 2006 that has persevered and educated thousands of Afghans – including almost 100 Fulbright Scholars.

Tonight (April 19, 2020, 10pm EST, following Homeland) Showtime is premiering a documentary on the conflict in Afghanistan, “The Longest War“, produced by Peter Bergen and Diane Becker. Part of the documentary was filmed on the AUAF campus and there are interviews with two of the students who were badly injured in the 2016 Taliban attack on the university.

AUAF reopened after that attack and continues to provide first-rate education to a country struggling to emerge from conflict. We hope this documentary will help the audience understand the resilience of the Afghan people that continue to develop and improve their country in the midst of a seemingly endless conflict.

20-04-19 The Longest War documentary on showtime


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