ISOA’s Newest Member: A2B-Secure


Why did A2B-Secure join ISOA?

“We know what ISOA stands for in terms of setting an industry standard and trying to enforce this high standard. By having the majority of important players and corporations as members, ISOA has and will succeed with their mission. For us, at A2B-SECURE, it is important to be a member and to stand behind and support ISOA’s mission, ethics, and code of conduct.” – Roland J. Vargoega, EPP, PPS, CEO at A2B-SECURE

Tell us about A2B-Secure and your work in the field:

We are professional Security Drivers and Trainers specialized in Protective Security Driving, since 1994.

We come with a long track record and solid references by serving clients in many different industries, ranging from training assignments to security operations, to project management.

A2B-Secure Services:

A2B-SECURE provides a wide range of services related to providing Secure Transportation, including:

  • Corporate Services
    • Security Drivers
    • Executive Protection Teams
    • Travel security risk management
  • NGO Services
    • Leasing and purchase of vehicles
    • Professional lead drivers
    • Training of local drivers
    • Journey planning & management
    • Fleet management
  • Logistics & Transportation
  • Auto Mechanics

A2B-SECURE offers a whole range of special driver training, including:

  • Training Programs
    • Security Driving – For Beginners
    • Protection Driver – Advanced Program
    • PSD Driver – Advanced Program
    • Armored Vehicle Driver – B6/B7 Qualification Course
    • Ambulance Driver – Special Training
    • Winter Weather Driving

Connect with A2B-SECURE:


Contact A2B-SECURE:
Roland J. Vargoega
Chief Executive Officer
Phone: (0034) 644 689 759


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